Sugestion "procedural" collection

Still no solution for auto collection, for example I make procedural bulding so I must convert every single seed my geonodes to object if I need make procedural city were every bulding is different, need 2000 randomoize object so I must click geonodes seed next convert to object next add to collection next I can use this collection to another geonodes, in my case is procedural city. This is so important and still no solution. Sry my bad eng.

I believe what you want is a Random Value node for the entire group, so that you do not have to create multiple versions with random seed values. Instead when the geometry node group is instanced the seed is randomly generated. There is a major drawback, since the geometry is generated for each instance, it is not longer an instance and will be much heavier on the memory.

We still however need a Random Value node per whole node group. So that when the object with the GN group is duplicated, the random value would automatically have a new seed.

Yea somthing like that, maybe I give example what was the best, so maybe create tree in geometry node as example. First I make procedural “branches” geonodes with one input seed were twigs are randomize position and scale, next I want use geonodes “branches” to new geonodes “trunk” were branches are randmized by position, but not as one instance but every point of trunk give random branch. Example 2: Procedural City, the same first make “buldings” geonodes and after that add this " bulding" geonodes to “city” geonodes, normaly buldings will the same shape becouse its only one instance but very usefull will be this new node were bulding randomize by location . I dont know exacly how works geonodes but i hope its possible find solution my problem

It does not look like it is currently possible.