Subdivision Surface Node for Geometry Nodes Project

Hello all,

I’m currently working on implementing subdivision surface node to the experimental branch “Geometry Nodes”.
My code is stable and works as expected but I want user’s feedback before the final commit.

I plan to send a pull request on but before that, I want to change my username (to match my Blender ID, I made this account some years ago with a temporary username but now I can’t change it from my account preferences). Did someone know who is assigned to this?

EDIT : You can find the diff review here:

Thank you,


@dfelinto ^^
@PiloeGAO You should contact @jacqueslucke

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This is great, thanks for working on this!

I’m not sure about getting your username changed. Do you mean your username or the username here?

Yes, my username, now it’s “leonumerique” ( and I want to switch to “PiloeGAO” (same as devtalk).

Nodes look so pretty :heart:


I’ve changed your username to PiloeGAO now.

@brecht, thank you so much! :smile:

@HooglyBoogly and @jacqueslucke,
You can find the diff for the subsurf node here:

Thank you

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I made some changes and updated the diff.
Now this should be more consistent and follows the Geometry Nodes guidelines.

Quick demo:


Hello devtalk,

Today my diff was finally committed. (
You can now add subdivision surface to your networks and drive it with nodes.

Thank you @HooglyBoogly and @jacqueslucke for taking times to analyze, correct and help me improving my code.