Standalone License and Code Modifications

I am rendering a project that will possibly use Cycles in its standalone form. I was wondering about Cycles’ Apache license. With this license, and Cycles specifically, if I modify the code, would there be a requirement to ever commit my changes to the main repository? If I embed my modified code for Cycles into something my clients might use, would I need to provide the source code to them as well (my modifications in particular) under the apache license? Thank you all so much for your help!

The Apache 2.0 license does not require changes to be contributed back (although if the changes are generally useful then it would be appreciated of course).

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While it’s generally best to read and understand the license, they can get a little dense at times.

tldrlegal is pretty good as summarizing most licenses. Listing Can/Cannot/Must bullet points for most commonly found licenses. (while noting that what they offer is not legal advise)