Stable download link

Link to latest build bot is absolute, including hash.
Is it possible to make an always working link like “blender_latest.xxy” ?

You mean, instead of the current
You would want a

Is that it?
I guess for them it would require do basically duplicate every build file and rename them. Or maybe some form of server-side redirection, when you ask the server the “latest build” link he would automatically redirect you to the corresponding file. Theoretically, I think it’s possible. Practically, it costs something, may it be storage or processing power. But I’m not in their shoes.

I don’t know for what purpose you want that, but I know that @DotBow managed to “get” the latest build’s link in his Blender Versions Manager (BA ░░ GitHub). So maybe he could help you there.

A symlink should do that trick without any file duplication

1 Like downloads the page and looks for links. In shell it can be done with a text mode browser, or any other dumper, and grep.
Doing it server side would cost seting up a 302/3 code redirection (that way it can server the name with hash) or link writer to keep it fresh (you have to examine the archive to figure the hash).

I personally wrote a build downloader for myself.

It will automatically download the latest build for your platform and system architecture and extract it inside a ‘blender’ sub-folder, from the path it is executed from. Apparently, I haven’t tested this on MacOS, but still should work fine.

If the buildbot page source changes, code will break for sure. And also, this requires Python 3 and BeautifulSoup (bs4) installed. It won’t show error, or install the dependencies automatically.

By the way I am no developer or anything. I’m a 3D visualizer with some love for python. So, the code may be completely dumb, but gets the work done for me.

Let me know, if it works for you.