Spreadsheet vertex/point numbers disorder when subdviding

Hi, thanks, the spreadsheet has fantastic potential, but I just noticed that if you start with a plane and subdivide it a few times the number order becomes really hard to follow.

Points 0 and 1 stay on the ends, but when dividing to 9 points along X, 5 on Y, the third point number on X is 14, followed by 27, with 26 on the far end, second on 5Y.

So I guess if possible there needs to be a re-order-numbers option when subdividing geometric objects, otherwise it would never be able to accept spreadsheet data input, which I have to assume is the longer term objective.

Thanks again.

AFAIK the purpose of the spreadhseet is to inspect, so output rather than input. You’re never going to have stable indices with such operations anyway (subdivide, bevel, etc), you can’t rely on it for modeling.