Specific window resolution

Hi all,

is there a way to configure the window resolution presicely. ?

I can use the command prompt to open blender with a specific resolution (blender.exe -p sx sy w h) but not smaller than the splash screen, even if the splash screen is deactivated in the user preferences.

Any option is welcome.

AutoHotKey is a solution to manipulate the window size, but there is a minimum of size
Very frustrating.

Why do you need one so small?

Thanks for interest,

it is for a led sreen window.
The led software has a screen capture window which represents the led matrix, it captures everything which is below the window.
The screen capture window should have the same ratio like the led matrix.
Imagine i have a led matrix with 10 stripes 200 led per stripe and i want to use the whole sceen with 1920 px i need a height of (10/200*1920 px) 96 pixel to get the same ratio.
Fortunatly the camera in blender can handle any size so its not a problem.

It seams blender window size limit is in y 193 px and a resolution in x of 1920 px is not 1920 its 1920-18 px.

I mean this small window is not for work it only reprents the led pixels that the screen capture window
see.The red rectangle is the led capture window.

Hope you understand my problem

By the way i wrote a small script to manipulate location and size of a window with AutoHotkey.

ResizeWin(XX = 0,YY = 0,Width = 0,Height = 0)
 If %Width% = 0
   Width := W

 If %Height% = 0
   Height := H



to call the function use Window+Alt+u button.