Sorting the list of addons


I have updated the code of [] to sort the list of addons by categories and names as by default, everything is mixed and it is really a mess to find easily the one you want to enable or disable.

Do you think we can include it in blender ?

to sort the list of addons by categories and names as by default

hi, maybe I’ve misunderstood this but it is possible already to filter add-ons by categories, see: image|523x500

submit Pull Request if you want your fix to be part of blender repo: Tools/Pull Requests - Blender Developer Wiki :slight_smile:

sorry I ment in the view panel in 3d viewport, in the tab view > workspace not in parameters :wink:


Ah, right. You had already mentioned about :sweat_smile:

I think you can submit the PR.

@pablovazquez , since you handle the UI, do you think this change is useful? :slight_smile:

Alphabetical order is definitely useful! But you know what would be even more useful? :smiley: If the list used an actual UIList widget.

UIList already has a built-in sort option, plus search, and scrolling for long lists.

Mockup of how it could look:

@chris_scholl Do you want to give this a go?

Edit: Made a design task for it: #111272 - UI: Replace list of workspace add-ons with a UIList - blender - Blender Projects



I think it’s a great idea to clean up the sorting.

It would also be nice if the list (by default) had all in the list “checked”, when you turn on Filter Add Ons. I generally wish to remove a small number (say, 2-4) from a particular layout, not start with “none” and then check mark 40 of them.

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For me this is essential to use this list. Or have an option that will enable all the options.

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