[Solved] Tools - blender_theme_as_c.py - syntax error: invalid syntax


I tried to change the default theme for the factory settings. So i did my modification at the theme, saved the user preferences, grabbed the userpref.blend and have run blender_theme_as_c.py to convert it to a new userdef_default_theme.c file.

The process stops though with a syntax error at line 249.

File “blender_theme_as_c.py”, line 249
fw(f’.{attr} = {{\n’)

Have i overlooked a step or is the script broken? Any help is welcome.

Kind regards Arunderan

Newest builder.blender.org 2.80 build

The solution is as usual so simple. It’s a python 3 script, not a python 2 one. Using py -3 instead of python in the console does the trick.

Thanks for listening.