[Solved] Python Path to Edit Armature Context Menu

Hello all, I am writing a rigging addon for Blender and I’m stuck on something: I want to add my operators to the armature context menu for easy access, but I can’t find the documentation that names all the menus (at least not the names that Python uses). If anyone knows the name of the menu or knows how to find it out, please help me.

For clarification, I want to add my operator to the menu that opens in edit mode when the w-key is pressed, and the same w-key menu for pose mode.

Does anyone know if the context menu is different (on the Python side) for right-click-select and left-click-select? I’d like my operators to be in the RMB context menu for the left-clickers.

I figured out how to find the menu, but it’s ugly.
Launch Blender from the command line with --debug-all and Blender will print eveything that happens- including the names of the menus! Hooray!

The two menus I was looking for were:

VIEW3D_MT_armature_context_menu, VIEW3D_MT_pose_context_menu

I’m still open to information about left/right click support.