[SOLVED] Blender2.8: The compilation crashes with flag "WITH_HEADLESS=ON"

Linux: CentOS 6
Broken: 2.8 94722121e57
Compiler: GCC6.3

Set flag WITH_HEADLESS to ON and the compilation crashes on:

blender/intern/ghost/intern/GHOST_ISystem.cpp:68:35: error: invalid new-expression of abstract class type GHOST_SystemNULL: m_system = new GHOST_SystemNULL();

Fixed now.

@brecht Does WITH_HEADLESS=ON mean that Blender will be compiled as a Python module? Or does it mean that Blender will be compiled just without the GUI?

Without GUI, Python module is a WITH_PYTHON_MODULE.

Hi Brecht,

Please could you add support Intel Compiler with cx11?

if(WITH_CXX11) if(CMAKE_COMPILER_IS_GNUCC OR CMAKE_C_COMPILER_ID MATCHES “Clang” OR CMAKE_C_COMPILER_ID MATCHES “Intel”) # TODO(sergey): Do we want c++11 or gnu-c++11 here?

I forgot on it in my patch.

I work on rendering of Spring now:)



Ok, change committed.