[Solution] Box Selection with Shift (Extend) and Ctrl (Subtract) - if Middle mouse is set to select

Behavior of Box Selection when Extend or Subtract selection with Middle mouse.

After you Shift/Ctrl and Click to Extend/Subtract selection and after you release mouse it does not end the operation, you need to click again to end selection,

if select set to Right mouse it select like expected.

Lasso Selection work like expected with Middle mouse, you Shift/Ctrl click draw an area, release mouse and that’s all, you made Extend or Subtract…

Expand the keymap item, there will be “Gesture Box” modal map (or you can find it at the end of the list) here you also need to change to the middle button, if I understand correctly what your problem is.

Here is how it look like

tried add “Select” like in Right Mouse or Left Mouse, and disable “DeSelect” to the Middle Mouse - nothing

“Select” - [Middle] [Release] [Any].

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Thanks! It works now.
That “Any” thing…