Snapping should should be separated for each type of editor

If you enable snapping in 3D view or in node editor or UV-editor, it enables everywhere. It looks weird, because snapping settings instead are separated.
I want to use snapping in node editor. But I don’t use it because it enables snapping in 3D-view.
Note what snapping separated in graph editor already

Snapping should should be separated for each type of editor.


Other Solution:

Turn Off snapping, then hold CTRL Key when moving Nodes - they then stick to the grid, so snapping is effectively enabled. If you enable snapping, hold CTRL key when moving things then snapping is effectively disabled.

The fact that when you move anything in Graph Editor, snapping is turned off by Blender annoys the hell out of me…

Cheers, Clock.

This has also been bothering me for a long time now but I kept expecting this to get tackled in/as just a matter of time. Rather seems like it’s on no-ones radar so going to start by just reviving this topic for now but ultimately wondering if I should just report it as a bug?

Case in point: I like to have the snapping default to on in nodes editors. But not in 3D editor. Similar to OP I suspect. I can’t think of one good reason snapping should be synced between these editors. Not a single one.

I agree. It shouldn’t be synced. I have the same issue as the OP. I wanted exact same setup where snapping is off for 3d viewport and on for nodes editor. Was surprised to find out it was synced.

Maybe we do need to report it as a bug. I don’t think it’s a desired behavior.

It’s not a bug, just a limitation of snapping system.
it was requested a long time ago
Snapping in the shader editor should be separate from the 3d View
Separate snap toggle for 3d view and node editor
Separate Use Snapping in different editors

I agree but in terms of user experience it’s as bad as running into a bug. It’s an issue a user will at times have to constantly battle.

I also agree with you, Blender have many little things that need to be improver, but they are ignored and large features are made which, in turn, add even more bugs and need to be improved.
I would like some version, 2.94 for example, to be aimed at improving the existing features…

Well, I don’t think any of them get intentionally ignored, rather there’s just so many, especially of smaller things that some just naturally fall through the proverbial cracks.