Snap 3D cursor to grease pencil line vertex

Is there a way to snap 3D cursor to GP vertex? I understand that you can draw line from GP but I would much prefer to snap 3D cursor to GP, it will be so much easier to draw in space I think.

You have to switch to edit mode, to select vertex and use Shift S pie-menu -> Cursor to Selected.

A vertex can be extruded in Edit mode.

In Draw mode, you can also choose a Stroke placement to place drawn stroke at position of a previous one. But you have to tweak offset value that is only displayed for Surface placement.

Yes thanks.
So there’s no way to snap? Because I can snap to geo with Shift + RMB. It is quite handy but I am hoping same thing I can snap to GP line. Stroke is good but I prefer much better to draw on canvas grid, it is much intuitive to draw than stroke option.

Snapping simply doesn’t work with grease pencil, it’s not implemented yet. But yeah it would be welcome.

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That would be real awesome feature, thank you so much!!

Just to be clear, and to help manage your expectations : I’m not going to implement it myself. :frowning:

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:slight_smile: so how should I request of this? This is going to be a really good tool for artist.

On make a proposal

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