Smooth Subdivision: Is the algorithm documented outside of source?

I really like Blender’s smooth subdivision, especially with all of the lovely new control in 2.8.

I’d like to try implementing it with GPU tessellation, but I’m not a Blender developer and I’m finding it to be pretty opaque (source). Unlike e.g. Catmull-Clark, which is very easy to find information on, I don’t know if this subdivision is based on any other work, or if the source code is the only place to research it. Do you?

What about possibly using the OpenSubdiv code to implement this, since it’s going to be fully GPU accelerated at some point soon. OpenSubdiv has a bunch of very interesting options for things like feature-adaptive subdivision as well as other Topology Refinement options that Blender is not currently using at all, which could be really interesting to expose through both the existing Subdivision Surface modifier, as well as the existing or new modeling tools…


@Zoot already gave you a much more
Detailed response, but thought I’d note that the OpenSubDiv homepage is