Smooth Node

I have a question. Is the smoothing modulated by the length of edges between affected vertices? (in the case of connected geometry)

It’s in the plans
Since this is not a mandatory feature, it has not yet been implemented.
I plan to complete the main functionality
To make it work as well as possible
And after acceptance, add various modes of operation, including building a distance map

Also, the distance map will imply not only positions, but also offset. This will make the smooth directional.

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Alright, that sounds great ! (that was not a feature request by the way, only a question)

I’m not sure I understand this. Directional in tangent space ? so the attribute can be smoothed in one direction only? that would be nice! Would that work the same as modifying coordinates before feeding them into the node? or is it something else?

To put it simply, you can specify a offset vector
and all points will find the distance to this
due to which the smooth will prevail in the direction

I think it will be more clear


I’m not sure, but it seems the new version of the algorithm turned out to be good…


New question:

  • In addition to entering a locations field for measuring distances. Tak plans include changing the type of blending. It is assumed that you can use a factor of the same type as the attribute.
    But at the moment there is no such functionality anywhere else. I think this makes sense for usergroups. And I should change this task to support different types of interpolation.
    • linear;
    • in normal;
    • hue;
    • smoothstep, …
      But it can also be done as a group. For this reason, there is also an option: don’t do it.
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Is this implemented in the master build? because the build download link seems broken

Isn’t “Attribute Blur” a better name than “Attribute Smooth”?
I’d never search for it with that name, or is it just me?

Other than that, awesome! Thanks for that node, it’s a very important one!

It is under development, assembly can be done upon request.
It looks like it’s time to finish the code a week before the mind and ask for a fresh build.

This was the name of the node version for the legacy version
And also this is the name of the smooth modifier
Also, from an image point of view, blur makes more sense as it can imply out-of-focus

There was almost no time for the whole month because of the beginning of studies. Now there are some bug fixes, as well as improved support for the new algorithm.

I also came across an interesting video about how you can partially do it right now.

This is similar to my first algorithm for the slowest version, but it’s valid.

I’m not ready for a patch pull request yet, as the code hasn’t been tested yet and has development marks in the code.


I started adding support for using positions and directions


any news on this? very cool node it is.


Due to my studies and the political news of my country, my productivity has dropped a lot.
As soon as I have the strength to continue, I will immediately inform
Now I have Hans review notes that I have to work with


Looking forward to it. Wish you strength. Peace.

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This needs to go in, it’ll be so useful !

(I suppose this also means the situation is better for you, which is great)


Nice work!

what’s the difference between this attr smooth, and the old attr blur node prototype ?
do we have two contestants it seems ?

If you are talking about this thread
Then I did not know about it before the beginning, and since it has not been updated for almost a year, I continue my
If you are talking about video, then this is still the same node, I just worked on optimization