Simple workflow for viewing a texture on a model

This is something that has frustrated me enough that I’m taking the time to post some feedback here.

In 2.7, If you wanted to view an image on a model, you had an incredibly easy workflow.

  1. Load the model, go into edit mode, and select all
  2. Go to the UV Editor and open an image
  3. Back in the viewport press alt+Z
  4. And you’re done!

However, in 2.8, there is no easy workflow to do this. All of my material work is done in outside programs, so I have no need for any rendering, the node editor, or even materials. I just need a simple workflow to let me open a model, open a texture, and combine the two in the viewport.


I’m also used to the old technique you write about.
I think it would be very nice to add the ability to assign object textures in WORKBENCH mode. Like this:

And that old technique is not too obvious for new users, and the blender is now for new users.

I need this too!!!