Should I fix this inconsistency? In which direction should I fix it?

The names of text object settings do not match the names of the equivalent settings in geometry nodes:
Doesn't Match

Would a patch to fix this inconsistency be welcome? And if so, which direction should I copy things in? I was told since the geo node code is newer it might be preferred to copy that nomenclature to the outdated text object code.

My only opinion is that the geometry node Y setting is the only place where the name “Middle” appears, in both text object alignment settings and even in the geometry nodes X setting, it is called “Center”. I would think it should be changed to “Center”, but I will do it the other way if that is preferred.

Yes it’s a bit strange to have different names. I think ‘middle’ makes more sense and that’s what’s commonly used for vertical alignment in other software too. The problem is it will break the API if changes are made now.
I would just leave it alone… but maybe someone has another opinion.

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I am not planning on changing the internal names, just the localized text in the interface. I’ve started a separate thread where someone has confirmed this won’t break scripts or existing blend files.

Ok, in that case I suggest these changes (from Geometry Nodes):

  • Keep “Middle” in vertical and “Center” in horizontal.
  • Rename Align X and Align Y to Horizontal Alignment and Vertical Alignment.
  • Reorder “Top Baseline” to be below “Top” to have it consistent going from top to bottom.
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