Should camera motion blur no longer work in the EEVEE viewport in 2.9?

Just finishing up a project using 2.9, and I noticed I can no longer get camera motion blur in the viewport, is this an unavoidable side effect of the new object motion blur, is it a bug, or am I missing a setting to still get standard camera motion blur to show in the viewport?

Reallly need it as it massively decreases render time if you can do a viewport render animation rather than a ctrl + f12 render animation, but that’s no longer a possibility if all motion blur is exclusive to the ctrl f12 renders.

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I’ve just encountered this in Blender and wondered if anyone else already asked about this. Has someone responded to this already? Maybe in a different post?

If not, the ability to view the camera motion blur in the viewport seems to not be present anymore. I’m assuming it has to do with the recent changes to the motion blur in eevee. Is it not possible to have a live “preview” of the motion blur like before or did I miss a setting somewhere?