Should allow a Scene to contain separate Animation for objects

Here are two topics in Blender Stackexchange where I’m considering if there are ways to include different animations in different Scenes, other than some workarounds with NLA and Scene timeline tricks.

For example, I’d like my “Walkthrough Camera” scene to have a door swing open as the camera approaches, but stay closed in another scene, that will instead vary the Sun and lights as the day unfolds. Another example would be a character that has a scene.walks and a scene.runs.

I should be able to assign different Actions, different Keying Sets and different animation keys to Scenes.

That Keying Sets are part of the Scene tab, yet do not relate to a Scene, is in itself confusing.


I tried exactly this the other day, hoping to come up with a way to create one entire sequence (shared objects, rigs, etc) in a single blend file, separating shots into scenes. Once you’ve got objects linked into all scenes though, there’s no way to override animation on a per-scene basis. I’m not sure what the workflow for this should be.

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Suggestion on workflow solutions that would not break compatibility.

In the Object menu either under Relations or Animation, add an item that would make object animation “Edit by Scene”, clear and make future animations owned by this scene.

An alternative or in addition, might be to have the Action Editor have a button that makes an Action “scene overlay”.

In 3ds Max for example, it is possible to split the actions into a Base and Per Scene (add or override), as shown in this cap from the 3ds Graph Editor (note that there are repeating Scene names that is some bug.

This would be a hierarchy of Base animation plus a per-scene animation (Override or Addition options). It is a parallel perhaps to the Animation Layers add-on.

I also think that Keying Sets should have a flag or checkbox that says whether this is universal to all Scenes or owned by this Scene.

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In my next posting below, I show that in 3ds Max, it is possible to split the actions into a Base and Per Scene (add or override).

Showing captures from commercial software is highly discouraged here (as legal caution). You should instead describe how this would work in Blender, without resorting to explaining how things work in other software.

(I am just paraphrasing what developers usually say when this comes up, it’s not my rule, not my words)