Shift-H to respect selection filter


  • I have a number of objects in my scene, and I want to render one of them.
  • I select the object and press Shift-H.
  • All objects disappear, including those in collections which have their selection filter disabled.

Usually, if you have a visible object but disabled its selection settings, it’s because you’re done with that object but you want to see it. It should be in the background, or whatever. So, having Shift-H, essentially be no different than local view, feels redundant.

It would be nice if Shift-H would respect the selection filter in the outliner.

If this interrupts the workflow of others, have it be a toggle setting in the outliner/preferences.

Think this makes sense, but I would add that it could simply be a toggle in the operator if it’s implemented.

However it shouldn’t be hard for you to click the eye in the Outliner on the unclickable collections to have them visible. Of course annoying when you do it very very often but helps if it’s not that often.

I am sure someone with scripting skills could easily write a snippet that does that automatically.