Shave and Haircut for Maya is now Open Source

Can this be rolled into Blender, or is the License incompatible?

Read the announcement here.


I don’t see the license where it is?, just because a code is in github doesn’t mean it’s free.

From the pres release:

“Epic Games has acquired Shave and a Haircut, and will make the v9.6 Maya plugin and associated shaders available on GitHub in the coming weeks as both source code and compiled binaries. These will be free for everyone to use under the Unreal Engine 4 EULA.”

I’m assuming when they “update this page when the free version is available” we’ll know. I thought I would go ahead and put this here so it would be on everyone’s radar.

It’s a great hair grooming and physics system, though. I had to use it on a project many years ago, so I can only imagine it’s much more powerful now. For instance, the current version has efficient gpu rendering of hairs as part of it. This is probably why epic became interested in it.

My understanding is that the Unreal Engine 4 EULA is not an open source license, and not compatible with Blender’s GPL license. So, I don’t think the title of this topic is correct for the common definition of “open source”, which means more than just access to the source being available.


The UE4 Eula is rather specific on compatible licenses

(ii) Non-Compatible Licenses
You may not combine, Distribute, or otherwise use the Licensed Technology with any code or other content which is covered by a license that would directly or indirectly require that all or part of the Licensed Technology be governed under any terms other than those of this Agreement (“ Non-Compatible License ”). Code or content under the following licenses, for example, are prohibited: GNU General Public License (GPL), Lesser GPL (LGPL) (unless you are merely dynamically linking a shared library), or Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Code or content under the following licenses, for example, are allowed: BSD License, MIT License, Microsoft Public License, or Apache License. You may not sublicense the Licensed Technology under a Non-Compatible License.