Sharing some dev ideas for Geometry nodes

Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve start working on Geonode and this is so fun !

I would like to share with you some suggestions, of course you already might think about some of them, but I did not found it in my researches.

  1. In math node, can we have an " expression" fonction, so we can right our own math in order to reduce the node tree.
    I would like to calculate " a/10+b*c " instead of using multiples math node with division, add and multiply, we could use one math node with as much imput as we want ( a,b,c,d …an we could name it ) to use them in the custom function.

  1. In Nuke, when we select a node, we can press any numer of the numpad to assign a display shortcut to this node. By display I mean, having the same effect as : connecting the node to the “geometry” input on the " Group output" node
    I select the last node and press 1, I scroll away from this node, select another node and press 2. After that, at any time, if I have no node selected, I can press 1 or 2 to switch between those 2 nodes without having to select them or scrolling back to them. It could help saving so much time on complex tree.

  2. A search fonction to diplay a specific attribut in the spreadsheet, and a way to sort it as we want, like moving an attribute to the right so it stay close to the position culumn…

  3. An “On” “Off” boolean input on every node so we can decide if this node will be use depending on condition we pluged on the “On” “Off”

That’s it, I hope it can help :slight_smile:

Anyway, congratulation for the amasing work !!!


The expression node has been discussed a few times before, and might be part of geo nodes in the future.

3 and 4 already exist in blender.
For 3 : If you press ‘N’ in the spreadsheet, you can add filters to only display specific attributes, but sorting the column isn’t possible currently afaik.

For 4: You can press ‘M’ key (shortcut for mute) to turn the node on and off.

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