Setting Active Nla Strip via python

Hi guys, does anyone know if there is a way to set an NLA strip active via python api? I couldn’t find any information about it anywhere.
It seems like nla_tracks[0].strips[0].active is readonly
Context has
bpy.context.active_nla_strips but they are always None and not responsive.
I also coudn’t find any operator in bpy.ops.nla that can do it. I could only set tracks as active.

Any clues or ideas how to handle it? Or is it just an API limitation?

Ok looks like the solution is to make the track active and then just to select the strip inside, turns the strip automatically to active. Still wondering if this is some API Limitation

I did some digging, and indeed it appears to be an API limitation. This is the RNA implementation:

  prop = RNA_def_property(srna, "active", PROP_BOOLEAN, PROP_NONE);
  /* can be made editable by hooking it up to the necessary NLA API methods */
  RNA_def_property_clear_flag(prop, PROP_EDITABLE);
  RNA_def_property_boolean_sdna(prop, NULL, "flag", NLASTRIP_FLAG_ACTIVE);
  RNA_def_property_ui_text(prop, "Active", "NLA Strip is active");
  RNA_def_property_update(prop, NC_ANIMATION | ND_NLA, NULL); /* this will do? */

Clearing the PROP_EDITABLE flag makes it read-only, and by the comments it needs a bit of work to make it writable. I think a better way to be to have a NlaTrack.active_strip property that you can set, so that setting the active strip is symmetrical with setting the active track.