“Set Shade Smooth” node missing in 3.0 release notes

@pablovazquez I searched a lot of times but couldn’t find the “Set Shade Smooth” node in 3.0 release notes on wiki.blender.org. Please look after this. Thanks :pray:

Thanks for the post, but that node is meant to be covered by this:

Other built-in attributes can be accessed and set by specific nodes (c1b4abf527).

I didn’t add a reference to every single node for input or setting built-in attributes on purpose, because there are just so mamy and they all do basically the same thing. Especially since setting built-in attributes was possible before, this is just a new way to do it.

Ok :+1:t2:
But I have a suggestion: Can this node be renamed to “Set Smooth Shading”? I think that this complies with the current node name conventions. Doesn’t Set Shade Smooth sound so odd? (Set and shade are both verbs I think)

Yeah, it doesn’t sound so natural, agreed. However, the name comes from the name of the builtin attribute, shade_smooth. It’s supposed to make it clear that it’s just adjusting that attribute. I don’t have a strong opinion either way, but I’m not sure that’s so much better.