“Set Shade Smooth” node missing in 3.0 release notes

@pablovazquez I searched a lot of times but couldn’t find the “Set Shade Smooth” node in 3.0 release notes on wiki.blender.org. Please look after this. Thanks :pray:

Thanks for the post, but that node is meant to be covered by this:

Other built-in attributes can be accessed and set by specific nodes (c1b4abf527).

I didn’t add a reference to every single node for input or setting built-in attributes on purpose, because there are just so mamy and they all do basically the same thing. Especially since setting built-in attributes was possible before, this is just a new way to do it.

Ok :+1:t2:
But I have a suggestion: Can this node be renamed to “Set Smooth Shading”? I think that this complies with the current node name conventions. Doesn’t Set Shade Smooth sound so odd? (Set and shade are both verbs I think)

Yeah, it doesn’t sound so natural, agreed. However, the name comes from the name of the builtin attribute, shade_smooth. It’s supposed to make it clear that it’s just adjusting that attribute. I don’t have a strong opinion either way, but I’m not sure that’s so much better.

Then what about just “Shade Smooth” node?

This node can still be considered as one of the nodes of the Set category!

Whatever, I found that in the Wiki of Blender 3.0, the name of some attribute nodes have not been updated yet. These include Attribute Capture node and Attribute Transfer node (the verb should be first according to recent naming conventions).