Select Hierarchy difficulties in de-selecting root object (includes 2.81)


  1. I have thousands of objects under an empty (sadly not linked instances).
  2. I choose “select hierarchy” on the root object.
  3. In the panel below the outliner, only the empty tab is visible.


  • Shift clicking on the root object only selects the root.
  • Control clicking on the root object again only selects the root.
  • Right-clicking on the root object and choosing “deselect” still keeps the empty tab in the panel below

My goal here, is of course to change a property on ALL of the selected objects (in my case material… but it’s impossible to get that tab to show up).

The solution is that preferrably control-clicking an object in the outliner should completely de-select it, even if it is the active object.

(EDIT: I just tested in 2.82 alpha and it’s the same behavior!) :frowning: