Search effectively broken for bug reports?

I try to avoid duplicate bug reports, but the search features feels lacking, to the point where it doesn’t seem to even work.

E.g. if I search for “box select tool doesn’t work small object not selected”, it does not find the bug with title “Small object are not selected with Box Select tool”, though it does find a long list of unrelated bugs.

This makes it pretty hard to find bugs in general, as well as to prevent duplicates.

The same search via google, using, also does not work, at least not in the first five pages of results. (This surprised me.) (The bug is referred to by pages that come up in the google search, but not the bug itself.)

If I search for “box select”, the bug is the first result returned, but a “less is more” search is often not useful, especially when there are so many bugs to sort through.

It would be great if this was improved, or, if it can’t be, if some bright/bold language could be added to the search results page explaining what tricks should be used to actually get usable results.

And maybe the bug pages could get some SEO so that google would index them properly?

Thanks for considering!

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