Sculpting issues in blender

Hello! No idea if this is the place where I should talk about this, but might as well give it a try… so while trying to sculpt a model for the first time in blender, I found 2 problems for which I can’t find any fixes for anywhere. The main problem is the fact all my sculpting brushes are perfectly horizontal on certain surfaces and really messes up the sculpting itself, attached a screenshot because honestly this is hard to explain. I also got my second problem, which I think was caused by me messing around with the sculpting settings, trying to find out how to fix the main one I mentioned above, and now… well safe to say each time I use the “Crease” sculpting brush, a hole appears each time I use it, attached a screenshot for this one as well ( ok, apparently because I’m new I can post only 1 image, hmm… imma see if I can post the second one in the reply section ). Thank you in advance for anyone who knows how I can fix those problems!

Alright, it works, here is the second screenshot:

It’s probably due to the topology of the models. Try using the Remesh operator (but be careful not to go too small with the voxels or it will take a reallllly long time)

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Hmmm… I will try it and see how it works, thank you for the reply!

For your first issue: also make sure that any transforms to the object are applied. If your object isn’t in a uniform scale then some actions like beveling and sculpting are being performed in the stretched aspect as well.
Hit Ctrl-A and apply scale in object mode and see if that fixes it.


I tried just now, it worked! Thank you lots my man! Now I just need to find a fix for the second one ( btw forgot to mention this, that hole never appeared before I was messing around with the settings ).