Sculpt Mode : Voxel Size Cursor Preview

Cursor Preview for Voxel Size

Voxel size need an Interactive Cursor to change the value like Dyntopo Resolution, the issue with sliders is they become slower and slower when the polycount increases which then you have to type the exact value.

So a solution could be to make the Cursor value only change visually with a Preview until you confirm it then copie that value to the actual Size for the final Calculation.

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I’m not sure it needs a cursor per say; I find that for voxel remeshing I usually want it at around 0.02 - 0.01 most of the time. Any thing outside of that is maybe a bit too blocky for me. What I’m saying is that for fine tuning it, using a cursor like those for brushes, might be a bit too sensitive to consistently reach the appropriate voxel size you might want.

Maybe if we had a pop up for it where you could type it in/slide it, like the brush settings via rightclick? Personally, I see myself typing it in more than sliding it.

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I also think that the needed values are always in a very minimal range. And that is at the moment really hard to finetune. That’s why we start typing it in manually.
I’d really prefer to have it setup with the reciprocal / inverse values.

That way we would get “faces per meter” ( along a single axis) wich is also a meaning that’s easy to grasp.

What is now really rough to setup, would get more finegrained (and vice versa). But that would be much better for typical value ranges.

The example of bobo_the _imp would be in a range from 50 to 100
That might be already too finegrained.
So we could add about a multiplier ( faces per meter (x10) ) --> facesPerMeter = 1.0 / (voxelsize * multiplier ) with multiplier =10

Slidervalue examples:

1 would be 10 faces per meter ( currently the default 0.1 voxelsize)
2 would be 20 faces per meter ( voxelsize = 0.05)
5 would be 50 faces per meter ( voxelsize = 0.02)
10 would be 100 faces per meter (voxelsize = 0.01)
100 would be 1000 faces per meter (voxelsize = 0.001) could be the future slidable maxvalue
1000 would be the current possible minvalue ( voxelsize = 0.0001)

by allowing the 2 digits in the slider as it’s the default for values > 0 choices should be fine enough for all our needs

( Edit: We could also call it voxels per meter to better indicate that the resolution refers to an axisaligned 3d grid stepping)

Alternatively it could be changed to logarithmic scale ( something like log10(voxelsize) + log10(minvoxelsize) ) as it would fit quite well to linearize it, but that way we’d loose to have a good imagination of what a value stands for

I’m not sure why that is, but in Houdini and other applications as well, the golden number is always 0.01 - 0.02. Not sure why that is? Maybe it’s a quirk of OpenVDB. I like your slider value example though.

@Bobo_The_Imp: Yes may be due to openvdb parameters. I think for the detail level it would be easier to think in terms of voxels per meter than voxelsize.
I have a clearer imagination of something like 345 voxels per meter than have of a voxelsize of 0.0028. And slidervalues will also be easier to setup this way.