Sculpt: Anchored Brush stroke mode rotation problem

Hello, help me to decide if a I should report this as a bug:

When using Anchored stroke with rectangular brush (clay brush with roundness set to 0) in default mode - brush isn’t rotated. Only texture.

Watch this video:

it is obviously incorrect behaviour - texture couldn’t be place exactly as I want because it is cropped by brush rectangle and that rectangle couldn’t be rotated.
BUT edge to edge mode works correctly. That makes me think that it is just a bug in default mode.
Or missing feature.

I don’t know if @pablodp606 can reply, here.

If he does not in few days, you can make a report.

Anchored Stroke method was made when only tip shape available was a dot.
So, only rotating texture was sufficient.
Now, there is a new Tip Roundness Slider, introduced in 2.83.
When it is set to zero ; we end-up with this static square.

I don’t know if this limitation that is expected to last because of other things more important to solve or if it is interpreted as a bug.

I understand that. I see that it is still only available for clay brush. That’s why I had a doubt about could I count it as a bug or not. More like missing feature and that’s incorrect to put it onto bug tracker if so.

submitted as a bug