Scale Z plane, bad naming (renaming advised)

When scaling objects we can have second commands to lock certain planes.

Now in bl 2.80 we have these nice tooltips in the info bar at the bottom. However when you look at the key-combo and its title name its a bit misleading. Say you enter scale mode, you than see a key shift+Z which has a title of “Z Plane”. I would interpret this scale on Z plane, just like hit S > Z would do. But when you execute it in the info at the top, it now says “Locking global Z”.

So why not add the title Lock Z at the bottom, that is more descriptive than “Z Plane”. The current naming isnt properly explaining its function.

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Like it very much. For newbies of Blender it’s difficult to understand what’s means by Z Plane & Lock Plane is more better name.
Everything must be so simple and explaining themselves. So new guys not find at least single difficulties…

I would interpret that as Scale in the Z Plane (SHIFT-Z) vs Scale along the Z axis (Z).
Another way to look at it might be to consider SHIFT-Z as Anything But Z.