Save selection?


I ran into this again today, and am wondering why isn’t there a ‘Save selection as…’ option in the File menu, like in many other applications?
Just save the selection objects etc. into a new blend file.
It cannot be that hard to implement this I guess, or am I overlooking programming issues?

If there’s an addon that does this, I’m interested too :wink:

There is no such option, however it´s not as important as in other packages either, here is the way of doing it:

Ctrl+c / Ctrl+v , from one instance of blender to another, or from one full scene to the empty one, and then save that .blend file :slight_smile:

Could be easy to do an add on to do such operation automatically I think.

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Well. If you’re used to functionality like that, it becomes very useful.

But if a addon is easy to program, it might be simple enough to add it in the File menu :wink:

But Ctrl+C/V will do as well I guess.


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The Select Panel add-on has an option to save selections in “Vertex Groups”.
Its Github repository:

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I think what he means is to save the selected objects to a new .blend with just those objects, like the save selected option from max :slight_smile:

Not just Max, but there are more applications that will allow you to save and/or export out selected objects to a new file.
In Blender you can already export out by selection to certain fileformats , just a basic .blend file option there would also be useful.

It’s not rocket science, and just a bit of searching on the web found that it’s not just me who would like to see this in Blender. :wink:


I agree, and it seems there is already an addon:


In general if you miss one thing, first look for an addon, usually there is something out there hehe, I was not at the computer when I answered you first, that’s why I have not looked for it, not I am :slight_smile:

Huh… Thanks for that. For some reason this didn’t pop up on my end.
Oh well… :wink:

But I’m still a bit annoyed that some things are addons, and not part of Blender. This easily could have been picked up and integrated into Blender. Also maintained…

Edit: It seems the addon doesn’t work anymore on 2.83 or later. Might be a simple fix in the code, but it bombs out on registering one of the classes.

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That would be an easy fix, maybe my colleague @SavMartin can take a look if he has some time, he converted things like Tex Tools :slight_smile:

Regarding the addons, well, it’s kind of “easy”, just generate a patch and provide it to the B.I., as an addon it has to be maintained as an addon, as C++ code it could be accepted without too much trouble, but it has to be done by someone, and it seems it’s not a priority, but if you know some C++ developer maybe he can help creating the patch.

In the end the time is limited and the team too, so they choose priorities, for example I had a request to be able to use 0 as emitted particles, it was easy to do, so I did it, it turned out that there where quite some places where that could crash because some zero divisions, and I have to check that out, however there was another problem that I was unable to tackle since my C++ knowledge is very limited, so it ended up as something that seemed “simple” but was complex, something similar can be happening in this situation :slight_smile: