Running blender on Xbox One S

Hi, I am attempting to run Blender on a Xbox One S in dev mode. When I run the blender exe on the Xbox One S it crashes with no output whatsoever I was told to create a stack dump, but I dont know how to do that. I previusly asked for help here and was told to move over to here for help, for some of the other details, look there.



First i hear of an xbox port, are you the author of the port?

If you don’t have a stack trace, perhaps there is a way to attach the debugger and see where it is crashing?

There isnt a port, I am running the Windows EXE directly on it.

And no, I dont belive I have a way of attaching a debugger, unless you know of a command line one.

I don’t own an xbox, but last i heard it only ran UWP applications, which blender is not.

fairly sure one could be able to run the blender code on an xbox , but i very much doubt you can do so with our stock executables, a proper port will likely be required there.

if you just run blender --help is that having a happy time? (this won’t help you all that much, but i’m just curious if that runs)

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Nope, outputs nothing. I may have found the issue and a way to debug it. The issue is the Xbox OS is missing Win32.

Yes, Blender is compiled as a traditional “win32” application, not for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) that Xbox supports. So you can’t just run the executable.

I am able to run other Win32 applications, for example, Java runs fine

Hey there, im also trying to figure out how we can bring blender to the xbox…at least cli for a renderslave…
is there any chance blender foundation looking into doing do a UWP version of blender?

it will have multiple usecases for me…rendering, using it as home-machine…
also giving xbox gamers the chance to start with 3D would be nice to bring blender to a broader audience :wink:

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I’m not aware of anyone working on UWP support for blender, or having plans for such an endeavor

Hello ! Blender as an UWP app would be perfect for poor creators as a Xbox series X costs less than 500€ and brings a lot of power. I can help if needed.


I agree with you, that would definitely could bring Blender to a whole new bunch of people (young ones mostly) that would be delighted by this gorgeous soft.