Running blender benchmark on arm64 system?

I’m trying to get an open data benchmark number for an arm64 system. Earlier, I managed to cross-compile the launcher to arm64, but when it tries to download a blender binary it (not surprisingly) says there are “no supported blender versions for this operating system”.

I’ve since built blender from source and I can use that binary to run blender-benchmark-script-3.1.0 (similar to Run Offline on Blender - Open Data) and that outputs a bit of JSON. However, it seems the launcher is needed to gather one or more of those JSON snippets and compute and submit the final benchmark score? Is it even possible to get an overall benchmark score when using a custom blender binary?

I’m sure it’s possible to modify the launcher code to use a custom binary.

Though in general I don’t think we want to gather results from custom builds on, since we don’t know if they are really the same and comparable to the official releases.

Right, I get this point. Right now I merely trying to get a benchmark number out of the scripts

Also, I needed to hack intern/cycles/kernel/device/cuda/config.h to make it handle the GH200 GPU I’m testing on, which is sm90 :wink: I copied over the values from the 7.x/8.x block, but I’m sure there’s more optimal values leading to a higher performance.