Run certain code by specific settings

OK, I can’t figure this out. How do you run specific code based on certain settings changed? I’m tweaking a remeshing addon and it recalculates the mesh every time I tweak any settings. I’m trying to add some small stuff like show wireframe and object location. I don’t need it recalculating the mesh every time a setting is changed. I do need it to recalculate for 3 or 4 settings. How can I do this? I can come up with some code I have tried.

If you are talking about operator properties, this is not possible as far as I know. They will all trigger an automatic undo and redo of the operator.

You can override the UI drawing code for the adjust operations panel, and draw extra properties not part of the operator there.

Yeah, I was talking about operator properties. I kinda figured the undo and redo was probably why I could never get anything to work. I didn’t know if I was just missing something simple or just wasn’t possible to do.