Run blender without build

Hi. How I can test blender without build? Because its too long to test 1 function. Is there possible?

If you are asking how to modify the code of one C/C++ function and test it without building the rest of Blender, that is not possible.

There are various ways to speed up the build, the primary one being to make a lite build:

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Also good to note while the initial build will certainly take some time, subsequent builds after making a small code change will usually be much faster (depending a bit on what you changed, change a commonly used header and it’ll take a while, single change in a .c or .cc file won’t take nearly as long).

According to my own experience, if you make some minor changes, such as adding some print code lines, use INSTALL->Build, Visual Studio will build the changes quickly.

If many changes are made to the source code, such as after pulling from origin repo, the build time will be much longer.