Rotation Gizmo axis selection width

Hello Blender Dev Community,

So I am an animator, I have some coding skills, but C++ is something I haven’t really used.

What annoys me while animating is that the axis lines can be quite hard to select and I end up starting the free rotate thing instead. It would help to increase the selection area of the axis lines that could be controlled by a user setting.

I’ve been meaning to try myself at adding some features for some time and I thought this would be an easy fix. However things are never easy.

I can’t quite figure out how selection testing works. I’ve got as far as wm_gizmo_map.c where the line

hits = GPU_select_end();

is. So that would mean that selection testing is handled on the gpu purely based on the geometry of the gizmos. Is this correct? Any tips on how increasing the selection area would be possible?