Rotate snapping not documented

I try to understand how the rotation snapping feature works in Blender, since it works very strange. Especially, I want to learn how to use it in Object mode.

I can’t find any documentation how it works. And until then, I think the behaviour should be changed into something natural.

I don’t believe there is rotation snapping. I saw this post on twitter about some one wanting this for the 3d cursor. By default it won’t snap and apply rotation. I went on search and found parts of codes. I adjust ed it a bit and almost finished with it.

So far I can now let objects snap to the 3d cursor and apply the same rotation. I’ve also implemented a new bone snapping feature where you can snap to head or tail of a bone


I want to see the diff! That sounds :100:

It’s some classes I’ve putten together. The person asking on twitter never really reacted to post. Kinda weird if you ask something and then never respond???

I’ll send you my test file. I’m making it so that it will replace default snapping menu and then shows my version with new added features

The rotate snapping behaviour does not make sense to me at all. This answer shows how it can be done in Edit mode, but you can’t do that in Object mode and Pose mode.

How do you move objects and pose bones with precision?

That animation is kinda of a weird method. In edit mode you can use the 3d cursor What i dont understand is why do extrude that line to snap to. Simply use 45deg on X then use 35 on Y as rotation value in the 2 axis. Not sure its correct. But looks okay. I first tried 45 on Y as well, but looks weird. I guess thats due to ortho view/ I used my snapping thing. But you can input the degrees directly ofcourse

Is this what you need?
The bones do act a bit weird know and then. I need to work on that a bit more

The I used the 3d gizmo to have visual feedback when im adjusting the 3d cursor. That little bugger is hardly visible. But luckily we can enable gizmo properties in the menu.

PS one thing, i have not tried 2.9 yet. I just noticed i saw new inputs. I guess thats due to the some new smapping feats.

Oh, I thought you had a patch in Blender. This is Python?

I can help with anything bone-related. You might find the answers already in my addon, Chaintools.

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Yes this is python.

I started with the 3d cursor snapping method and then bumped into a some code for bones. I adjsuted it a bit to me need or what i found useful. But needs a bit of work

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