Rigify: Parent bones of some DEF-* bones

  • Blender 2.83.3 (on macOS Catalina)
  • Rigify 0.6.1

When I generate a rig from the basic human (or other) metarig, some generated DEF-* bones of the rig have ORG-* bones as its parent as below. Is this an intended design?

  • The parent of DEF-upper_arm.L® is ORG-shoulder.L® instead of DEF-shoulder.L®.
  • The parent of DEF-breast.L® is ORG-brest.L® instead of DEF-spine.003.
  • The parent of DEF-shoulder.L® is ORG-shoulder.L® instead of DEF-spine.003.
  • The parent of DEF-thigh.L® is ORG-spine instead of DEF-spine.
  • The parent of DEF-pelvis.L® is ORG-pelvis.L® instead of DEF-spine.

This behaviour causes that many unnecessary bones will be included when you export the rig as a FBX with “only deform bones” option, which is not suitable for the Unity projects (and the other Apps, I think). If you tweak these relations manually before exporting, you will get a pretty straightforward rig with only DEF-* bones.

Exporting as FBX is a major operation in Blender. I think it will be happy when I don’t need to tweak these bone relations manually every time I generate rigs with Rigify.

I’ll apology if this kind of topic does not suit here. Thank you.

Yeah, that’s by design and that is indeed not good for export. It’s a known limitation of Rigify. There are some paid tools that allow you to remedy this, maybe even free ones but I am not sure.

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Thank you for clarifying the design of Rigify and its limitation. It’s good to hear that they aware the issue while I don’t know what makes it so and it takes time and effort a bit for now.

Please keep go on with the great work. Thank you!