Right-Click Select become a dump

sorry if it mentioned somewhere,

but RCS become a dump, where the good ideas are buried under a layer of trash…

People become lazy to search for duplicates and just produces the same proposals thus dividing the votes.

Maybe it need a search function like on this forum when you create a new topic or moderator/s who will be tracking newly created proposals and sort them and merges with already created?

Lets do something with this…


Agreed. It seems to be a place devs send you to with your proposals and feature requests in order to get rid of them because there’s too much of them already and they don’t want the spam – which is understandable really. But on the other hand, I also can’t imagine many devs checking RCS often … if ever. It’s a dump. Really awful name too.


From my point of view, the only solution would be to invest a lot of time into moderating it to keep those issues under control. An improved search function might slightly help, but it wouldn’t solve the actual problem at all in my opinion.
Whether there are people who are open to invest a huge amount of time to moderate such a place is another question. The initial hope was that it would manage itself, thanks to the community and voting. It was clear for me from the very beginning that this would never work without huge time investments of moderators.

That’s why I believe the only solution is to find those people.

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Agreed. It could also help to organize what features people really want.
Having a very cluttered website as the official spot to post feature designs or wishes from users feels like a nightmare to manage. It’s a nightmare to manage as a user, already… :wink:

This is more a secondary gripe but it also feels weird that the community has a different design from the other official Blender developer forums and that it’s bunched into a collection of other communities that feel sometimes a little arbitrary in why they are there. I understand that it’s a community but right now there are news, nightly builds, feature communities and language communities.

What I really like about RCS is that most people who submit a proposal do submit it with a fleshed out design and scribbles or mockups. At least the ones that gather more attention.
And I love that there actually is a site to gather community ideas and wishes. :slight_smile:


Pablo has mentioned many times during recent Blender Today streams that a new revamped version of RCS is on the way. I’m pretty sure there’s many great quality of life improvements on the way pretty soon. Patience, work in progress.


The issue with the current version is that it’s not really possible to add more moderators. I actually asked if I could help moderate RCS, but it’s not possible until the revamped version is finished. So-- patience!


Wow nice to hear this, since I’m one of those who “wasted” some time to make proposals and mocups there.
Sadly now it is really quite like a dump, and one of the reasons in my opinion is the (I’m sorry to say) chossen Dillo platform developed afaik by Pablo and Francesco. The platform is unconventional and very bugged. Regarding this the “meta” category exist actually to spot bugs and make requests for the site. I never saw a problem solved though. Why not just relying on a well estabilished software (Discourse maybe?)? Hopefully the next gen RCS will make me happier

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