Return the current release of blender via the command line

Is there a way to poll the blender download website to return the current release candidates paths for blender?

At the time of this writing there is a release for both 2.79 and 2.80 so i would like a way to, from command line , find out that the downloads currently available are:

without having to scrape the download html page to extract the full names

What’s wrong with scraping?

curl -s | sed "s/<[^>]*>/&\n/g" | grep 2.80 | grep -i bz2 | sed -E -e "s/.*(blender-.*\.tar\.bz2).*/https:\/\/\/download\/\1/g"

I was trying to find if there was a non scraping answer, something more elegant. It looks like it doesn’t exist so it looks like it will have to be webscraped.

What’s wrong with webscraping? Well it is not guaranteed, a webpage html sorta reserves the right to change it format when ever it wants without notice. If one could find the source that the webpage was been generated from would be more desirable. (but of course that could change in the future too)