Reports of the Apple guy?

Hi there

Is there a place where the Apple guy report on the Metal progress?


There are weekly updates for changes made in Blender here: Weekly Updates - Blender Developer Talk
Sometimes work regarding Metal will be included there.

There are bi-weekly meets that occur regarding rendering and plans for the future. The meeting notes seem to be focused primarily on Cycles, but work for Cycles and EEVEE can be reported on there. Some stuff regarding Metal will be reported there: Meetings - Blender Developer Talk

Other than that, there are two tasks open by Apple developers for tracking the Metal implementation in Blender and Cycles.

Blender/EEVEE: βš“ T96261 Metal Viewport

Cycles: βš“ T92212 Cycles Metal device

Patches or commits are usually tagged to these reports.

Are there any other places that you can find information regarding Metal development? Probably, but I don’t remember where.


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Thank you Alaska