Report: fraud video on youtube offering "crack" of blender

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expanded link given in description:
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  • I have reported that video on youtube,
  • but don’t know how to report the website
  • so, thought to post here too so that it can be took action against…
  • though the channel is small, so, the impact size is not that much. it has got over 860 views so far
  • but i dont know… sorry if posting it here is not the right thing to do

Technically, the GPL allows one to sell Blender (even though the source code still has to be obtainable for free).

What is hilarious is the advertisement of a serial key for a free program that does not have such a thing (that is unless this company created a patch that adds a key input). The best you can do for now is to inform the people looking at this about the BF, where they can get the exact same app. without tricks.

The problem is, they could be tricking people to download an infected build … If you are getting all your information about how awesome blender is from YouTube, you may end up thinking that this is a commercial software, and then see this ad, and instead of going to you will go to them…


yeah, there is even a paid software modified specifically for dentistry work, based on blender - and that is perfectly fine with me.

Does this build include Optix? If yes, they may actually infringe the GPL - they have to provide all sources, and that includes the OptiX headers. But these they can´t (legally) provide, as they are not redistributable.

Guess i’m the only one that actually looked what it was, “that build” doesn’t even include “blender”… it’s just straight up malware ( MSIL/Kryptik.AFZX )


reported the youtube guy in question.

Request : Do the same, people.