Reordering Shape Keys is Slow Due to Lack of Click and Drag

Sometimes when exporting and reimporting fbx files (which I do a lot) the shape keys orders get mixed up. Since a lot of the time shape keys are created in an organized fashion, having them get messed up by export/import cycles is annoying.

Currently, there are only two ways to reorder shape keys in the list, either by using the up and down buttons to move a shape key one spot up or down in the order, or using the move to top or move to bottom buttons to send a shapekey to the top or bottom of the entire list. This is unintuitive and slow.

However, this could be easily fixed if shape keys were able to be drag and drop reordered in the shape keys list.

It would be much easier if I could just click and drag on a shape key and then let go to drop it into the desired position in the list. It’s done in other places in the GUI so shouldn’t be too hard to implement here. :smiley:


I encountered the the same problem recently. A rigged character can have a lot of shape keys and that means a lot of clicking. Another feature I’d like to see is moving shape keys to the first position on the list (after the base) and to the bottom maybe by shift + clicking the arrows.