Rendering with transparent PNG doesn’t render the bloom-effects Eevee

Do you say Output / FileFormat / OpenEXR?
It does not work on eevee. But thanks.

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I did not understand “!”

It just means it’s not possible at moment.

Such a beautiful tool, and it can not be practical; But why?!

Because it´s under active development and it has not been released yet :slight_smile:

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That’s right. Let’s wait then. Thanks.:slightly_smiling_face:

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The PNG image specification does not support these kinds of images with additive glow. When Blender writes a PNG image, it is discarded. What Blender could do better is try to write an image that looks as close as possible, but not exactly the same.

Whenever possible I recommended outputting EXR files, which EEVEE does support. This file format is designed for storing renders without data loss.


With EXR output the background is black, with bloom; I need it transparent.

You could try compositing like the example I linked here. I split the rendered image in two nodes, blurred one and then mixed them together again. You can play with the blend modes if you want a slightly different effect and increase/decrease the blur with the x and y blur factors (amount is in pixels I believe)

@brecht Isn’t this what Blender should be able to render with bloom? This is additive glow or am I wrong or misreading your comment?

Here is a link to the file.

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With that setup the glow is not purely additive, it also darkens objects behind.

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I see, well close enough for LindaFlowers application I hope. Thanks Brecht.

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Thanks. It was close. But I appreciate the effort.

Is it possible with glass and shadow?

Is what possible? I don’t understand the question :slight_smile:

I have the same issue, bloom is not rendered in transparent. Is this a bug that will be solved or is it another limitation of EEVEE ?

In that case, it’s not limited by png alpha channel, but by eevee that don’t include bloom in render, but blender can render png 8bit alpha channel.

And the issue is the same with EXR.

A gift for a flower:

Blooms, flares, flares, and emissions such as fire, candle flames, etc. cannot be rendered with unassociated alpha.

If the alpha pipeline is broken, so too are the effects.

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Hey go to view layer properties and check the boom on ,then go to composting tab and there you can change the layer to boom only,render both and blend the two layer.

I used after effects for blending the layer👍