Render_complete handler not called from render.opengl?

Hi, we are implementing some tools that render and send to our farm, but it appears that render.opengl does not trigger the render_complete handler.
Is this true or am I missing something?

I think we’d want to add a new handler in this case, as opengl rendering is different enough from regular rendering.

Note that the workbench engine is fairly close to view-port rendering, is there a reason you can’t use that?

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Thank you, this is a good point. Will discuss with the team and do some tests.

We ended up implementing a workaround, where rendering is done in a separate step from the processing.
The artists felt strongly about using straight viewport instead of workbench. Don’t ask me why :slight_smile:
So, if I were to add a new handler, do you think that would be a desired feature? Already mucked around with the C api a bit, but would like to delve deeper.