Render_complete handler not called from render.opengl?

Hi, we are implementing some tools that render and send to our farm, but it appears that render.opengl does not trigger the render_complete handler.
Is this true or am I missing something?

I think we’d want to add a new handler in this case, as opengl rendering is different enough from regular rendering.

Note that the workbench engine is fairly close to view-port rendering, is there a reason you can’t use that?

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Thank you, this is a good point. Will discuss with the team and do some tests.

We ended up implementing a workaround, where rendering is done in a separate step from the processing.
The artists felt strongly about using straight viewport instead of workbench. Don’t ask me why :slight_smile:
So, if I were to add a new handler, do you think that would be a desired feature? Already mucked around with the C api a bit, but would like to delve deeper.

Hello monomon,

How did you solve your problem? I’m running into the same issue. Need to find a solution where my code waits for the opengl renderer to be completed or canceled, but there is no handler that comes with api for the opengl renderers.

Any advice highly appreciated! Thanks!


Hi! Based on the information provided, it is possible that the render.opengl tool is not triggering the render_complete handler. However, without more information or context, it is difficult to determine the exact cause of the issue.

To investigate this further and resolve the issue, we can follow our software development process.

First, gather more information about the issue. You can start by reviewing the documentation and source code for the render.opengl tool to understand how it works and how it interacts with the render_complete handler.

Next, we can create a test case or a reproducible scenario that demonstrates the issue. This can involve creating a simple script that uses the render.opengl tool and the render_complete handler to render a scene and checking if the handler is triggered when the rendering is complete.

If the render_complete handler is not triggered, we can start debugging the issue by checking if the render.opengl tool is properly configured and if it is sending the correct signals to the render_complete handler. We can also check if there are any other tools or processes that may be interfering with the rendering or the handler.