Reminder about release cycle and branch workflow

Hi everyone,
lately people have accidentally merged main into the blender-v4.1-release branch which should not be done. The workflow for the release branch is documented at Release Branch - Blender Developer Documentation and must be followed carefully.

This is a general reminder that developers should always ensure their working copy is sane before pushing upstream. Always double check with commands such as git log and git status that everything is looking fine before pushing. :bangbang:

There are plans to add safety hooks in the future to mitigate such accidents.

I also like to remind developers about the release cycle and the various Bcon phases. Once we enter Bcon3 and especially Bcon4, only carefully reviewed fixes are allowed to land. This is not only valid for the Blender repository but also for add-ons.

Please be careful and ask in #blender-coders if things are not clear.

Thanks for your understanding,


There are now Git hooks to prevent these kinds of accidental merges of main into release branches.

Note it’s still possible to incorrectly push things to Git repositories in many other ways, so we have to be equally careful as before.