Reintroduce "add" and "multiply" blend modes to eevee for NPR-Rendering

Hey there!

So Eevee shaders used to have “add” and “multiply” as blend modes back in 2.8 beta (if I remember correctly)

And I know these blend modes aren’t exactly useful when you try to do photorealistic stuff, but they’re incredibly valuable when it comes to NPR-rendering.
(for instance: if you want to make something with a watercolor-look, you probably want to use the “multiply” option to replicate the behaviour of colors).

And I’m pretty sure these alternative blend modes used to exist for eevee, but now it seems to have gone missing. :thinking:

Does anyone know, where they went/wants them back?

Example: Watercolor Rose, I did using Cycles and Compositing. the Colors are blended using the “multiply” mix mode


I second this…and not to be that guy, but maybe a shader graph picture for that beautiful image? ;3

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My node trees tend to be pretty unwieldy, so I’d rather explain it to you:

  1. make some basic Materials (I’ve just used colors and gradients) and a cryptomatte-Filter to get the basis in Cycles.
  2. Get a mask for each color and blur that mask. (Do the following step for each color seperate:)
  3. Use a Color Ramp to get those pigment accumilations on the edges. image
  4. superimpose the gradients
  5. Use some displacing and other general noise stuff to your liking
  6. Change a WaterColor texture using the Mix(Color) node to match the color you want to have.
  7. Use the resulting mask as a factor in a Mix(multiply) node and use a waterColor texture on top of a white base color.
  8. Blur the whoe thing and mix in that using a water drop texture to add some of the “random” color blending.
  9. Multiply it on top of a water color Texture.
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It’s still possible to add and multiply, see how to do it with shader nodes here: