Reduce = increase = crash

** Increasing remesh resolution paper cut **

To increase the resolution of the remesh modifier.
This works fine:

  • starts at 0.1
  • increase goes to 0.09, 0.08
  • Then you hit 0.01

You expect it to continue at 0.009, but instead it goes to zero.
Which is equivalent to a 0.0001 m .
So the resolution increases to an unexpectedly high resolution.

  • crash


  • Either invert the voxel size to resolution by taking 1/voxel_size ( increase in number resolution = decrease in voxel size).
  • Or let it behave in such a way that once it hits 0.01 the decrease goes to -0.001, At 0.001 the decrease becomes -0.0001 etc.

Because of blenders auto-save this is not a big issue, but i alwats fall for it and it can be quit annoying

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