Recruitment: D5Render-Blender plugin

Hi everyone, we are from D5 Render and want to seek cooperation to develop the D5-Blender converter, if you are interested, please contact me at Now our plugin supports Blender 2.83, and we want to support 2.93. We also look for a long-term working partnership.
Thank you very much! For reference,


Hello, anybody here interested :grinning:
To learn more about D5 Render: D5 Render | Real-Time Ray Tracing 3D Rendering Software

p.s. it is not an advertisement, but recruitment, hope you dear community members do not mind.
We respect and appreciate Blender Dev team and developers very much, and hope it is possible to build partnerships.


Seems only need to translate to your file format. Since you have plugin work for 2.83, I think read the api change log is a way.

Thank you very much, bro! :grinning:

I just had the time to write you, so you have an email :slight_smile:

Thank you bro, so the qq email is from you, or others? Are you interested to join our plugin development team?(part-time job is ok as well) If yes, please let me know, we can have a discussion first, via email or skype, etc.
My email is

I’ll write a PM here :slight_smile: