Quick Favorites Pie Menu

This is just an idea for Quick Favorites Menu.

Menu is useful when you have only small amount of items. With more items it becomes unclear where is the one you need.

You have to scroll over to find the right one. It has no system and no order.

However, with Pie menu we could do some filtering and organize items.

For example under the MESH we have - Transform, mirror, Snap, etc. This is filtering for user who wants to find something quickly. So in Pie menu we know our item is under MESH. When we come closer with mouse cursor, the closest items became bigger.



Hello Blender Developers ! :wink:

Quick favorites is a super idea but,

  • when i press : F3 (search menu)
  • i can’t add any listed tools/fonctionalities when i press : q

Have you one idea ?

  • Add one right column into F3 : search window (like : Object Types Visibility)
  • or another shortcut like : Ctrl + q , into F3 : search window ?

Thank you very much !

Nice suggestion. Did you post it at the Right-Click Select suggestions community? The Blender developers recommend that for contributing ideas.

I didn’t. This proposal didn’t have many hearts, so i thought people don’t like it :smiley:

If you add it at RCS, I’ll vote for it. :+1:

I posted here

Don’t know how to add all images :smiley: